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Covid learning curve

We’ll never know who first brought Covid-19 virus into our community. Suspicion has been cast on Tapatio weekenders, but there are anecdotal accounts of expats who fell ill with lingering flu-like symptoms as far back as last winter before anyone had a clue that a world-wide pandemic was emerging.

pg12We’ve learned that Jalisco authorities are fairly certain that the initial outbreak in this state can be traced to well-heeled city dwellers who brought the bug aboard charter flights on their return from excursions to ski resorts in Vail, Colorado.

Another thing we’ve learned over the past few months is a lot of new vocabulary and unfamiliar terminology. Coronavirus, Covid-19 and Sars-CoV-2 had never before crossed our lips. Who among us ever spoke the phrases Sana Distancia (social distancing), Quédate en Casa (stay at home, Rastreo de Contactos (contact tracing), Filtro Sanitario (sanitation filter) or Cubrebocas (face masks). Testing terms we now use daily and the very concept of comorbitities were Greek to us not so long ago. And who ever heard of Wuhan, China before this new disease hit the planet?

We’ve witnessed ever-ingenious mexicanos keep their heads above water by dreaming up innovative ways to earn a living, applying innate crafting skills to create cottage industry production of face masks, or turning conventional restaurant and food services into carry-out and meals-on-wheels home delivery enterprises in a heartbeat. Other types of commerce have sparked a boom in marketing through social networks.

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