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Much ado about nothingburgers

Will inhabitants of Ajijic Mágico be forced to erase the rainbow-hued building facades and scores of decorative murals that put such a distinctive stamp on the village and repaint the place in a matching color scheme?

pg16Well, of course not. But that was the  absurd supposition posted on social media by one of God knows how many clueless immigrants who have come to settle here.

There are indeed some Pueblo Mágico destinations that do adhere to certain restrictions on the appearance of local edifices, signage and architectural characteristics. The Jalisco Magic Towns of Mazamitla and Tapalpa are an example. After dark illumination in streets San Sebastián del Oeste, a former mining town tucked in the state’s costal sierra, is ordained to employ old-fashioned oil lamps. Such qualities concur with local customs that long pre-date the advent of the Pueblo Mágico program.

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