Last updateFri, 15 Jan 2021 2pm


Setting goals for 2021

It’s customary for people to kick off a new year by drawing up resolutions and goals for the coming 12 months.

pg16aIn some sense January 1 is an arbitrary date to commit to changing our ways, because there’s nothing to prevent us from doing a reset on the first day of Spring, a birthday or any ordinary day in life. Still, it feels good to try to start off a new solar cycle on the right foot.

Common options are to treat our bodies better by modifying the daily diet to lose weight, or consuming less junk food and more healthy foods, or kicking a filthy smoking habit.

Some folks would be wise to talk less and listen more, to complain less and be more thankful. Others may attempt to worry less and confide more, doubt less and believe more, replace insecurities with strong convictions, forget past and future to live in the here and now. Practical people may decide to do less planning and buckle down on getting things done, to become less idle and work harder. Everyone could do well by ditching anger to smile more, to hate less and love more.

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