Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm


Freedom of Speech

Now that universal right to freedom of speech has become such a hot button issue, there’s reason to ponder just what that means in this sunny, laid back corner of the world.

pg12aThe death of the legendry interview genius Larry King has been a reminder of the seemingly ancient era of straight-forward news reporting. He was a master at eliciting meaningful dialogue with people from of all walks of life without inserting his own person and points of view into the conversation.

With the birth of 24-7 cable networks followed by rising popularity of social media, the lines between unbiased news sources and those operating with slanted political perspectives are now hopelessly blurred. Good luck finding a TV news channel that isn’t overpopulated with talking heads spewing a distinct hard left or hard right agenda. The time is ripe for the next generations of even-handed anchors in the mold of Walter Cronkite.

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