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Amor y Amistad

February 14 may be Valentine’s Day for you and me, but for your Mexican neighbors it’s El Día del Amor y la Amistad.

pg16Customs practiced on the occasion in this country are pretty similar to those in the lands we come from. What’s different is that while Anglos tend to focus affection on the people they hold most dear, folks here embrace a broader concept, celebrating both love and friendship.

So how will you mark the date? Dining out with a special someone is usually the activity of choice for romantic couples, but it may not be a wise idea this year with the Covid threat lurking in crowded spaces.

Some alternatives come to mind:

Shift brain into friendship gear. Do something kind for somebody else, especially a pal who’s been living in lonely solitude through the long months of the pandemic. A simple phone call, a cheery social media message or a batch of home-baked cookies dropped off at the doorstep could really brighten the recipient’s day.

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