Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm


Expect the Unexpected

If there´s one thing that can aggravate relative newcomers to Mexico living, it´s having to cope with situations that are out of their control. Old hands know that learning to expect the unexpected is the best formula for maintaining sanity.

The subject comes to mind due to the local buzz concerning the availability and timing for getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Local residents in the over-60 age group are understandably anxious to line up for their shots.

Some expats have temporarily fled back to their homelands where they were able to schedule inoculations. Others, however, started hovering over their phones as soon as news got out that Jalisco received its first supply of vaccines, staying on guard lest they might miss a call to confirm appointments to get the shots

People who were paying attention learned that Jalisco would start applicating vaccines in the state´s most marginalized communities first. Who would figure that Chapala, Ajijic and surrounding towns would rank anywhere near the top of the priority list?

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