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In a nutshell: The top techie news of the year

Every year at this time I sit down to pen a piece looking back at the top technical news of the year just past.

This year is without a doubt the most difficult due to the nature of the top technology news being so enormous and incomprehensible to the non-tech-savvy.  In no particular order I will look back at the first three that come to mind.

Computer hacking and its impact on the U.S. presidential election got a lot of press.  Responsible for this could have been the Russians, or the Chinese running a false-flag operation, or some teenage hacker working out of his or her parent’s basement.  The fact is that nobody knows for sure and the truth may never be proved.  All of the private correspondence leaked by the hackers might have impacted on the outcome of the election, or not.  That is something else we may never know.  How this hacking happened, when, and by whom is all so amorphous that it makes both cause and effect hard to know.

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