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Online grammar checks: Humans better than computers?

Over the years I have been writing this column, I have assembled a group of contributors who as part-time visitors to Mexico, are unable to buy the paper every week and have expressed an interest in continuing to read my column. 

I send these people an email every week, and for them, the quid pro quo is assistence with spelling, grammar, punctuation and style.  Included in the group are four published authors, a Ph.D English professor, an editor working for a major New York publisher, a polyglot (who knows “quid pro quo” to be Latin), and a grammarian for his local Toastmasters Club.  So, before the column you are reading now was published, it was checked for errors by this much-appreciated group of advisors who probably make me look like a better writer than I really am.

After the printed edition has hit the streets, it is therefore disappointing to receive reader feedback pointing out a grammatical error, and for me to recognize that error was not in the copy I submitted for publication.  Rather than bemoaning the proofreader who erroneously substituted a pronoun for a reflexive pronoun, I think it could be more constructive for me to tell them and everyone else about some writing resources available online.

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