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Protecting yourself from cyber attacks

The recent high-profile ransomware attack named Wantacry is the reason I was on the receiving end of quite a few questions concerning virus and malware and what can be done to defend against the threat. 

I am sorry to say that some of the news reporting I have read in the mainstream media is really just nonsense.

The first one to provoke this reaction from me was the article saying that Microsoft Windows is an insecure operating system.  This is a misconception that’s based on faulty logic.  It is true that most hackers target Windows computers and the reason is simply because more than 90 percent of all personal computers run one version or another of Microsoft Windows.  Cyber-criminals simply focus on the 90 percent of the users of Windows over the three percent who use Mac.  That is not to say that Mac is immune from attack -- far from it -- Apple is simply a smaller target.  One thing both Mac and PCs have in common is that they are both as insecure as the carelessness and bad security habits of their users.

Three things about the most recent ransomware attacks point out that there are some simple common-sense things every user can do to minimize their risk of falling victim to criminal extortion.

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