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A password manager can take a load off your mind

In my efforts to solve a recurring problem I have run up against Howe’s Law. Howe’s Law says “Everyone has a scheme that will not work.”

The problem I have to deal with literally every day is working with clients who cannot remember important passwords.  So I am thinking; should there not be a way to tattoo a password inside someone’s eyelid?  That would preserve its privacy while making it impossible to lose. But unfortunately the problem with biometric passwords is that they cannot be changed and Apple has already had the problem of its fingerprint database being hacked. At the time it was jokingly suggested that if your fingerprints were among those Apple lost then you should see your doctor about getting new fingers.

All kidding aside, passwords can still be a problem even for people who really do remember them, because then there can be confusion as to where a certain password should be used. For busy people who have more important things to do than spend hours fiddling with their computers or other technology, this situation is complicated by password requests that are not exactly self-explanatory.

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