Last updateFri, 12 Oct 2018 11am

Speak Up – It’s Mexico, not North Korea

I sometimes think the expat community here at Lakeside believes it has no right to complain about anything here in Mexico.


Most of us know, for instance, not to march in a political protest, even if it’s something you believe affects you personally. However, protesting 80 caged barking cock-fighters on the roof next door is okay, but put money aside to have your car repainted. Protesting drug influences within a community is okay.  (But get roof dogs if you do.) Protesting pot holes wide enough to have a gift shop is also okay.

The only prohibitions: Do not engage in Mexican politics, in any form. Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution states that “Foreigners shall not in any way involve themselves in the political matters of the country.”

This is emphatically interpreted to mean that foreigners do not have the right to vote, run for public office, or participate in any political event, rally or demonstration. Engaging in these kinds of activities is a good way to find your possessions bagged and hanging from a lamppost as you’re escorted out of the country. As I understand the ruling, as a foreign national you couldn’t even aid a Mexican running for public office. That can only be done in the United States by Russians.

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