Last updateFri, 12 Oct 2018 11am

Voices from former eras still resonate

Leave it to California to come up with America’s latest anti-imperialist twist.

In July, 300 multi-generational Mexican immigrant families and young Californians of indigenous Mexican extraction, including academics from across the country, gathered in the Los Angeles Central Library.  They came to read poetry and short stories and even rap in pre-hispanic languages – Zapotec, Tzotzil, Mayan and other languages spoken long before Europeans landed on the shores of the Yucatan.  I come to this subject as a writer, and an artist of great curiosity, because art is the instrument of human expression. And when any species of it is muted, it is a universal loss to all curious peoples of our common humanity

Says Ozy, the online news outlet: “For hundreds of years, the literature written in languages spoken before European colonization were all but silenced on the global scene. Now, interest in this writing is surging worldwide.”

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