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The perversion of the Second Amendment

More mass murder in the United States.  Here’s a take that is seldom considered.

There are about 250 million Americans age 15 and older today. And Robert Hare, renowned scholar of pathological personalities, estimates that 1 percent of any population is pathological. He further speculates that about one-quarter of those are potentially violent and without conscience.

That means that any given day, over 600,000 violent psychopaths age 15 and up are on the loose in the United States, and waiting for the right trigger to set them off.  These types of psychopaths can burst onto the scene because, by their natural ability to remain hidden, they are almost always “a quiet, helpful guy who never bothered anybody and rescued my cat from my tree.”


First, science needs to sort out the neurological mechanisms that inflame the violent tendencies of certain of these personalities, so that they can be identified. They do leave tells, and often these are deep-seated anger or disappointment manifested by domestic violence, hateful belief systems or religious, and political and racial bigotry. More mental health wisdom and resources must be delivered to identify and treat those with potentially aggressive, angry and unconscionable personality disorders. And yet, the current administration is cutting funding to health care across the board, including a 20 percent cut to mental health research.

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