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Women’s archaic subservience – the key to male misbehavior

It should be said somewhere that the cascade of ugly stories about sexual harassment and assault against women these days can be associated with the ages-old portrayal of women’s status in any given society.

For example, in Mexico as elsewhere, education opportunities and professional development motivators for women today are still dragging through the rubble of medieval belief systems.


According to Catalyst, a nonprofit organization aimed at progress for women, 20 years ago 33 percent of Mexican women (aged 15 and older) were in the work force.  That figure has risen to 62 percent today, higher than recent figures available for the United States and Canada, although the percentage of high-ranking jobs Mexican women hold is much lower: seven percent of corporate board seats and only 16 percent of top management roles.  This despite the fact that 50.4 percent of graduate degrees belong to Mexican women, according to the Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior.

Catalyst also notes that, on average, women in Mexico earn less than 60 percent of their male counterparts in the same or similar jobs.

The underlying reasons holding Mexican women back are deep-seated and intransigent.  For example:

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