Last updateFri, 19 Oct 2018 7am

GOP economics explained for lazy, poor people

I wish to explain the new U.S. “tax bill and economic plan,”  drawn largely from past GDP, public debt and several Sudoku puzzles.



It seems fitting, because this Sunday will be the anniversary of the presidential inauguration of one of history’s most successful scam-artists. If you are a reader who happens to like the current U.S. administration and their economics, I will understand if you choose not to read further. But before you go, if you’re looking for even more economic genius, let me introduce you to Bernie Madoff.

But first, here’s my explanation of GOP economics for those of you still reading who think I don’t know what I’m talking about (because you’re frequent readers of my columns).

The way for have-nots in the United States (and, by implication, the world over) to move up economically, according to the current GOP, is by forcing struggling income earners to become more motivated. People are poor, conservatives insist, because they don’t have the personal motivation to be successful.  The implication here is that some 40 million Americans living at or below the (relatively high) poverty income level don’t want to be rich and successful. They just want to eat nachos, buy lottery tickets and safety-pin their pants up.

So what’s the GOP solution ... actually stated by several GOP congressmen and installed in the recent U.S. tax plan (and I’m not making this up): The poor are not poor enough.

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