Last updateFri, 19 Oct 2018 7am

Ajijic’s poster wars

Remember when you stared curiously at a tag on your pillow or mattress that forbade you to remove it, or, in my case, dared me? To me as a teen-ager, it seemed just an innocent pillow.

But then I thought, during a fit of tossing and turning in the middle of the night, it could tear off and get me 5 to 10 in the jug for aggravated assault on a pillow. So just in case, I ripped it off. And decided to plead insanity.


Nothing happened. Flash-forward to Ajijic. Here there are now similar tag sanctities in the form of posters and banners and notices that are so untouchable they are causing war-like behavior among their promoters. The problem is that there are so many entertainments, events and goings-on, that demand for poster space has far exceeded poster space. So a war often breaks out. In short, if skywriting ads were still available, there would be dogfights over lakeside daily.

The hard copy notices in all their forms are so commonplace and ever-present here that the collages they create become unsightly and overdone. One can easily conclude why you never see wallpaper in a Mexican home.

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