Last updateFri, 22 Jan 2021 1pm

Don’t blame your brain

My brain seems to be languishing these days, causing memory loss, mistakes and air-head misunderstandings, although I have not yet brushed my teeth with sunscreen.

So, is it old age, easy-living, too much booze or “Aunt Mary,” or becoming more slouchy audience than adventurer? What exactly is reducing our brain function to that of a garden gnome?

For example, I know that my brain is going soft when I conjure up off-beat theories, such as, you can get more nutrients out of broccoli if you smoke it. Or, keep a bag of centavos with you in case you get mugged, explaining that they will soon be coin collector treasures. Or, become lovingly one with cockroaches, because they are made from the same cosmic chemicals as humans, especially your kitchen crumbs. This is my post-retirement brain at work.


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