Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

A lesson in Mexican traffic signage

There’s been a lot of new construction work around Lakeside’s Carretera, all of which adds to the character of the place, and the dust and cement in our lungs.

What is definitely missing is some traffic signage, given the new inlets and outlets over the laterals, bike paths and pedestrian crossings. It would be the key to preventing pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers from joining a “right-of-way” competition resembling the old “bumping car” rides for children. Example: warning signs for autos crossing north-south intersections to the Carretera over the now widely-used bike path.  Also, the new construction doesn’t allow for car breakdowns. There’s no longer a place to pull over, if your engine cuts out in Ajijic. An Ajijic sign might say, “Breakdowns Prohibited.” On the other hand, if you are traveling east through La Floresta, you have a selection of lanes to break down in and you never bother anybody.  Sign: “Breakdown zone.”

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