Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Chaos theory – life’s Daffy Duck reality

Needless to say (oh, I’ll say it anyway), most of us know perfectly well that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” 

Unnoticed, sometimes unpredictable little glitches can set processes in motion that lead to undesirable results (the butterfly-wings/tsunami postulate). For example, royal families, the Soviet Union, Jehovah’s Witnesses and corn dogs. These all start as innocuous ideas, influences or inflections that snowball into something you never saw coming. Anybody with an ex-spouse knows what I’m talking about.

Chaos is nipping at our heels day and night and follows us about like a fully-operational home-arrest bracelet. Some call this entropy. Entropy is the state of any given order moving in the direction of disorder. Weddings are a good example. Take the two lovebirds, Ellen and Sid. They prepared meticulously for a very simple wedding – 15 guests, a bouquet toss and off to St. Kitts. Simple enough?  Orderly enough.?

But what Ellen didn’t know is that Sid, like hundreds of other grooms today, was just looking for some solace from the latest pandemic. And what Sid didn’t know is that Ellen married Sid because a psychic told her she would meet her soul mate, a man whose name began with S. The marriage lasted three months. Sid missed his freedom and separated from Ellen. He eventually went back to Ellen. But there was lipstick on his shirt, because the stain remover he was using wasn’t stain remover, but a liquid virus disinfectant. See how this chaos thing works? Sadly, Ellen missed out on her real soul mate, Sander (a really nice guy, who married an actress, who then turned out to be a Scientologist).

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