Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Celebrating in the time of Covid

Celebrations are now the order of the season. They raise serotonin levels and are a compelling reason to become social again. But celebrating these days is not easy.

But here we are: the season is upon us for celebration, whatever you are observing. And certainly there have been some worthy things to celebrate of late. Across the hemisphere, there are Virgins to honor, drug users to escort out of public office, saints to praise, harvests to thank, and tipping your hat to Arizona’s remedial math students still counting votes.

First, you need somebody to celebrate with. Virus protocols will still be in place. So you need to celebrate at a distance and wear a mask and not touch anybody or anything anybody else has touched, like that bowl of peanuts or the sushi. This has all the congeniality and intimacy of couples who set a date and time for their next sexual encounter. Elbow-bumping is as good as it gets, but put your margarita down first or you will be wearing it for the rest of the party – and ruin your party dress, which won’t matter much because by this time it will probably be out of fashion.


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