Last updateFri, 15 Jan 2021 2pm

Scientific method madness

Are you tired of reading about the latest “studies”? You know, all the investigative testing that is done to prove or disprove whether it is okay to eat dairy products, what to eat instead, when to eat it, how to supplement with vitamins and stuff you never heard of, what the best exercises are, how to manage anger and why you shouldn’t eat eggplant.

It all starts, for example, with somebody noticing that people who eat a lot of eggplant have problems with kidney stones (true). To prove this to be a side effect of eggplant, two segments, sorted as randomized, double-blind groups, are assembled, one eating nothing but eggplant for a year and the other, the control group, eating whatever they want. Many studies like this end with the eggplant group getting fed up with eggplant day after day and sneaking in an occasional Snickers. That’s one reason studies have to be done over and over again, until nobody really cares about the kidney stone problem anymore and researchers move on to bigger issues such as pet probiotics. So ... my corrective recommendations:

Some studies should be held back for some time before being revealed to the public. The sun went around the earth for centuries despite science that said otherwise and we all liked that idea, until Galileo proved the earth circled around the sun. Several thinkers knew about evolutionary processes long before Darwin. Even Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity was questionable until proof arrived almost five years later. And on a personal note, after decades of studies, I’m still withholding my proof that a Snickers promotes good health.

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