Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

Crossing the Carretera without need of meds

“If you absolutely have to cross a street here [in Mexico], the first important piece of advice is: don’t hesitate.

Take your time and pick your spot, but then go for it and don’t look back. Under no circumstances are you to break your stride.” – Mexico News Daily (Jan., 2021)

Our Carretera is the only artery to thread through the many small villages that surround the lake, and, as a result, is often choked with traffic, traffic signal breakdowns, cement trucks driven by former stunt drivers and new pedestrian-averse roadside excavations and constructions almost as deep and widespread as archaeological digs.

Also, in place of traffic signage and signals, there’s a guy waving a flag. Is he assisting you to proceed or trying to sell you windshield wipers? You’re never sure.

At all events, it’s time again to offer some of the advice and advanced planning I consider when crossing the Carretera, so that I don’t wind up a chalk drawing.

Before you do anything as a pedestrian, consider seeking the advice of a trusted friend, asking, “Do I really need to cross the Carretera?” If he or she becomes morose and asks you if you updated your “final wishes,” they might try to talk you out of it.

If they fail, consider these precautions ...

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