Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

Mexico and the Covid-19 arms race

This past week, the Sputnik V vaccine received a clear declaration of its efficacy in the renowned British journal of medicine, The Lancet.  Spasibo!What does this mean for Mexico?

“We spoke with the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and he was genuinely affectionate,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said in a social media message two weeks ago. “I invited him to visit Mexico and thanked him for the decision to send us 24 million doses of the Sputnik V [Covid-19] vaccine.”

Putin, genuinely affectionate? Something someone might say about a pet spaniel, not a dictator. N.B.: Mexico’s president may have purchased Sputnik because it was the cheapest vaccine on the market.

A few days later though, Mexico’s Deputy Health Minister Lopez-Gatell says not to fear the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V.  And of course he wouldn’t be saying that, if there were some reason to fear this specific vaccine. It’s like someone telling you without your asking, “You really needn’t worry about flying on Indonesian airlines.”

I confess that I felt that the scientific and moral distance between Trump’s bleach and Putin’s Sputnik is a skip and a jump. It appears I was wrong.

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