Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

Lost in transition: What Covid has ripped from us

“The pandemic hath changed a lot of things,” as a biblical saying might go. Here are what appear to be the most critical losses, if you don’t count “bar hopping.”

1. Time patterns. Time has changed for most of us. Now, we have the proof of Special Relativity and live in Einstein’s world where time really does slow down. Once our time patterns represented structure and expectations that moved our plans and routines. Now, with Covid, we can’t remember what day it is, because each day is pretty much the same, and we have to pretend that going to the Ajijic Tuesday Market is a not-to-miss social outing.

Expectations for spontaneity and the happy patterns that once filled our lives are now, “Hey, honey, let’s dress up and Zoom the Clyburns.” Time really has lost all meaning, as routines and our palette of scenery changes are gone. Days all become Sundays.

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