Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

If the cartels distributed the vaccines

We don’t yet know for sure who will be distributing and applying the vaccines for us. The farmacias have been mentioned.

I thought possibly OXXO as well, where you can get your CFE bill paid while you get your jab and snatch up a bag of chips and a Coke to go. Or, speaking of Coke, Coca Cola’s mighty Mexican cavalcade of trucks could get all of Central America vaccinated in a weekend, and then circle back for the new variants. They just never stop. But …

I also couldn’t help thinking ...

Given the power of Mexican cartel distribution channels and efficiency, maybe they should assist in the distribution and even application of the vaccines. These practitioners come not just with masks but balaclavas. So it’s safe. What’s more, if you’re feeling nervous, you could get a nice relaxant before the vaccine to prepare.  But with the proviso, “You tell anybody about the prep treatment, and we will find you.” Whatever the case, cartels might be able to service us faster than the government.

Except that you might have to google-map your way to their closest tunnel.


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