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Animals’ 2023 Christmas Eve gab and gripe

An old Mexican belief claims that on Christmas Eve the animals will lie about the barn and speak with one another about the way of the world. This newspaper gets an exclusive on it every year.

Christmas and the economics of gifting

For all of our long-standing griping about our commercial Christmas, and how quaint it used to be when we were getting oranges, handkerchiefs, ties and stockings, the truth is Christmas really isn’t commercial enough, according to people who understand the economics.

Beware your genome history

Many societies around the world are aging into high numbers. What’s more, medical science and its advances are at it again, filling the heads of seniors with the crazy (even scary) idea that many more of us living today could make it to 100 years (I for one would like a second opinion).

Making Christmas more inclusive

Mexico still has a real Christmas, a celebration of a much-beloved religious canon and creed that follows a virgin conception to a son of God being born in a manger.

The Mexican character & international diplomacy

We hear a lot about diplomatic solutions these days. For those of you who find diplomacy puzzling, or wonder why few if any critical global issues ever get resolved, it’s because diplomacy only works if both parties are on an equal footing, both with strong hands to play.

Snapshots of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a poignant celebration of gratitude. But it should also remind us of what we have and take for granted.

Drinking, driving & long division

The holidays are fast approaching. Dining out at Lakeside and driving in the dark has become a matter for pre-planning, responsible drinking, and how to take your margaritas and anxiety meds with meals.