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What’s God trying to tell us?

Whenever the Day of the Dead passes each year, I’m always left with the idea of how close we get here in Mexico to the world hereafter.

Darwin’s survival of the fittest never foresaw Kevlar

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch—the plastic-ridden trash vortex between the West Coast of North America and Japan—is back in the news. It is twice the size of Texas but somewhat different. Texas has a handful of books.

Hello again, my good friend, Señor ... uh!

Aging causes a huge number of problems for many of us. These days, we believe everything peculiar we find ourselves doing for the first time to be the start of Alzheimer’s. Like sweeping your finger up the page of a book to turn the page.

Alien legends Thrill crowds

The Star Wars franchise may be 46 years old but age didn’t matter last weekend when Chewbacca and other Star Wars legends came to town for the Desfile de las Galaxias 2023.