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Searching for a super-sized, naturally formed stone ball

In February 2013 I headed for Ahualulco’s famous Piedras Bola with a measuring tape in hand, hoping to find a certain stone ball which University of Guadalajara researchers claimed had a diameter of 3.02 meters. 

The closest I came to that was a ball measuring 2.86 meters in diameter. Then, in this newspaper, I challenged anyone in the world to find a bigger naturally formed stone ball, called a megaspherulite in geological terms.

In four years I haven’t received a single reply, although I must admit the Reporter may not have a lot of readers in places like Costa Rica or New Zealand – among the few other places in the world where really big megaspherulites have been found.

Now, I am happy to report that what I had been hoping might be a world record has been broken once again by a Piedra Bola from the Ahualulco area.

This story begins with a casual remark by ornithologist Julio Álvarez: “Not all the Piedras Bola are up on the cerro above Ahualulco – there are a few on ranch land belonging to my family ... and they can be reached with no hiking at all.”

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