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Green meadows, a hungry burro & fine view of Cool Guachi Hill

Last year, my friend Mario Guerrero sent me the coordinates of a hill near San Juan de los Arcos – located 35 kilometers west of Guadalajara – where he thought there might be archaeological ruins.

I passed those coordinates on to the recognized expert on the area, Dr. Chris Beekman.

From far-off Denver, Colorado, Beekman commented: “Using Google Earth I can clearly see an unregistered Guachimontón on top of that hill ... cool!”

Guachimontones or circular pyramids are emblematic of the Teuchitlán Tradition and well over 1,000 years old. Hundreds of them have been found in Jalisco, Colima and Nayarit and it was surprising that this one, overlooking the well-known archaeological ruins at San Juan de los Arcos, had never been registered with INAH (National Institute for Anthropology and History).


In July 2016, I joined Mario and several other adventure addicts on an epic quest to reach Cool Guachi Hill from Selva Negra Nature Reserve.

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