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Arabia seen through the eyes of a Mexican woman

I am delighted to announce that my wife, Susy Pint, the co-author of “Outdoors in Western Mexico,” has penned a new book entitled “Una Mexicana en Arabia” (A Mexican Woman in Arabia).

pg24dThe title in itself suggests an unusual perspective, but the pages of the book reveal that the author was the only woman ever to have participated in field trips of the Saudi Geological Survey aimed at seeking out and studying the country’s desert caves. Her participation was at the instigation of her cave-happy spouse, but her perspective is more than that of a Mexican woman – it is also that of a gifted writer and philosopher. She’s the only person I know who can wax poetic after crawling on hands and knees through a tight cave passage filled with mud and bat guano.

“Una Mexicana en Arabia” is written in Spanish and was published a few weeks ago by Editorial Agata in Guadalajara. It has 184 pages well-illustrated by 57 color photos and costs 250 pesos. A book launching is expected to take place in October.

A native of Zamora, Michoacán, Susana Ibarra de Pint and I set out in 1973 to teach our way around the world.

“We began in South Korea where we knew neither the culture nor the language,” she says, “working at Yonsei University as teachers of Spanish and English. After two and a half years, we moved to Spain, then to France and eventually ended up in Saudi Arabia where we lived for some 12 years.”

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