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Visiting impressive Citala Cascade the muddy way: Ajijic hikers celebrate 9th annual Cornfest

For years Ajijic hikers have been organizing an annual visit to the waterfalls of Citala followed by a “Cornfest,” a thanksgiving feast of sorts commemorating an event which took place nine years ago and is described thus in the excellent blog, Jim & Carole’s Mexican Adventure.

“We were on our fourth excursion to the canyon when we met Raul. At the time, we were approaching from a new direction and were uncertain as to the location of the trail head. We were crossing the corn field above when we ran into Raul, who was working with his newly sprouted plants. He seemed a bit surprised at the sudden appearance of our motley crew of foreign hikers. With my north-of-the-border mindset, I expected him to be hostile about our uninvited crossing of his land. Raul’s reaction was quite the opposite. He speaks only Spanish but one of our hiking group was Mexican and she explained our quest. Immediately, Raul dropped his equipment on the ground and said ‘Let’s go, I’ll show you the way.’ With that, he led us on a four-hour hike into the mountains. Although we were all wearing expensive, lug-soled hiking boots, this tough Mexican farmer in his beat-up cowboy boots left some of us gasping as we attempted to keep up. At the end of our hike, Raul invited us to come back in the fall for a fiesta to celebrate his harvest. A couple of months later, we participated in our First Annual Corn Harvest Fiesta at Raul’s Farm.”

I had been hearing about this Cornfest for a long time and decided that this year I must attend – and of course there was the lure of those fabled waterfalls I have never seen.

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