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New mural celebrates the advances of medicine

Guadalajara artist Jorge Monroy has completed another outstanding mural. Like his two previous works, this one is also located on the campus of the University of Guadalajara Medical School.

pg7bCompared to some of Monroy’s other murals – such as his 30-meter-long painting which graces the Guachimontones Center – his new obra, entitled “La Influencia de la Tecnología en la Medicina,” is rather small, measuring six by 1.8 meters, but, says the painter, it has good visibility, as it hangs in a corridor where great numbers of students and teachers are constantly passing.

“The idea was to paint something in this place related to the students’ future, something that might stimulate them and inspire them to study,” Monroy told me in his Pinar de la Venta studio. “I was free to paint anything I wanted, as long as it was connected with medicine, so I decided to investigate the technological advances in this field and to interpret my findings through my medium.”

Anyone passing by the painting is impacted, even from a distance, by the face of a woman, lit with warm colors, a face contrasting strongly with a background of dark blue.

“The woman represents humanity,” explained Monroy, “and from her head emanate ideas, represented by glowing spheres, large and small.”


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