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Jalisco ultrarunners reach Puerto Vallarta the long, hard way

While some of us might congratulate ourselves for having jogged in the park over the weekend, ultrarunners Sergio Vidal and Sergio Fonseca figured two days should be all they needed to hoof it from Mascota to Puerto Vallarta, a distance of 97.7 kilometers by highway.


But highways are boring, so the two Sergios mapped out their own route via beautiful, fascinating pueblitos such as Navidad and San Sebastián. They also threw in La Bufa Mountain and Lake Juanacatlán, because, Vidal told me, “they were sort of on the way.”

Their plan resulted in a final route of 150 kilometers with a difference in altitude of 3,000 meters.

What’s a good time to start a weekend run like this? The ultrarunners figured 4 a.m. would be the perfect moment, after catching a few winks in a tent in the plaza at Mascota.

“We began walking in total darkness,” says Vidal. “A Bimbo (bread) van passed us and stopped. With a smile the driver offered us a ride, which, of course, we did not accept. The sun rose and some tortilla sellers came along, again offering us a ride. We bought some of their tortillas and made ourselves tacos ...


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