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Scoping out Sierra de Quila Park with Bakpak magazine editor

“I’d like to organize an outdoor adventure in Jalisco, a campout for beginners,” Alejandro González told me. “Can you suggest a place with a lot of potential?”

pg7aWell, the Magic Circle around Guadalajara is full of excellent places for hiking and camping, but I knew González was particular. He is, after all, founder and publisher of Bakpak, Mexico’s popular magazine for those who love nature and adventure. Beginners would require a campsite that’s perfectly safe, with certain basic amenities and easy access.

I suggested Sierra de Quila Nature Reserve, Jalisco’s second-biggest protected forest, blessed with giant monoliths, 11 gorgeous waterfalls (whose waters flow year round), and Huehuentón Peak, 2,565 meters high and easily reachable without climbing skills.

González flew down from Monterrey, rented a vehicle and off we went to Quila.

Unfortunately, a mere 848-meter change in altitude was too much for the brand-new rental car to handle. On a lonely stretch in the middle of nowhere, the anti-freeze started boiling and we were forced to abandon the car and hoof it up the rest of the mountain for six kilometers to the park headquarters.


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