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The Tres Mujeres distillery and restaurant near Amatitan – the ‘real birthplace’ of tequila

By John Pint

Tres Mujeres is a small tequila distillery conveniently situated alongside Highway 15, just 30 kilometers west of Guadalajara.

pg8aThanks to dramatic roadway improvements, it can be reached in 30 minutes from the edge of the city. But, you might ask: Can I really get the “tequila experience” here or should I drive on another 12 kilometers to the town that gave Mexico’s famed fiery liquor its name?

I would suggest that you have come to just the right place, because the citizens of Amatitan have cried long and loud – for centuries, I’m guessing – that their town is the true birthplace of tequila.

They claim that the agave tequilana weber (azul variety), from which all authentic tequila is made, is native to the small canyon of El Tecuane, located five kilometers north of Amatitan. Here, you will find a taberna (distillery) so old that the precious brew was fermented there not in vats but in 40 huge 3,000-liter pits carved into the living tepetate rock.

Unfortunately, that ancient taberna of Tecuane has a high wall around it and is tightly locked up. Tres Mujeres, on the other hand, has no wall. In fact, quite the opposite – it’s the only distillery I know where you can walk right in, wander about, and spend as much time as you like watching every stage of the tequila-making process.

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