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El Nevado de Colima is open for business: How to enjoy its charms … and live to tell the tale

El Nevado de Colima is the sixth highest mountain in Mexico. Its peak is 4,260 meters above sea level.

Although the word nevado meanss snow-covered, most of the year it’s not. On top of that, it’s not located in the state of Colima at all: it is in Jalisco. But make no mistake, there is something very special about El Nevado. First of all, it’s actually a volcano, which has been extinct for thousands of years, and it’s the only high peak in Mexico that does not fall within the Mexico City-Puebla-Veracruz corridor. In addition, it boasts such spectacular scenery that you will surely fall in love with it even if you are not a mountain climber and even if you reach nowhere near its peak.


If you are still reading this, it surely means you are not an experienced mountain climber, but quite possibly the sort of reader I would like to reach. Yes, my aim is to convince you to go visit El Nevado, but to forget about trying to conquer its highest summit.

So, let me begin by describing El Pico del Aguila, within easy reach of those of us without technical climbing skills.

A few years ago, members of Jalisco’s oldest hiking and camping club, Cuerpo de Exploradores del Occidente (Western Explorers Corps) told me they had a mission. “We have to add four plaques honoring four of our fallen comrades to a monument we erected years ago high atop El Pico del Aguila at 3,909 meters altitude on the Nevado de Colima Volcano. You’re welcome to join us, but you’ll have to carry a small bag of cement and a liter of water up to the top because the cross we put there has fallen over.”

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