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Fairy footstools & the River of Ghosts

The town of Tala is located 30 kilometers due west of Guadalajara and today is best known for its large, government-operated sugar refinery.

pg8aJust east of Tala lies a fairyland of pine and oak trees, bizarre volcanic rocks and clean, ice-cold rivers. In recent times, a local entrepreneur was charmed by the strange beauty of this area and decided to create a housing development there, which he named Villa Felicidad, or Happiness Villa.

The rocks of Villa Felicidad come in a wonderful variety of fantastic shapes. This is a place where you can let your imagination run wild. You’ll see rocks that look like long, meandering walls, stairs leading nowhere, elephants, Easter-Island-type giant heads, Cookie Monsters – you name it.

Felicidad, of course, means happiness and this is indeed a happy place for naturalists, although the people who bought land here years ago might not agree, since a good number of them lost their shirts – along with their money – when the developer of the fraccionamiento ended up in jail after allegedly misspending the funds he had collected.

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