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Stumbling on a Garden of Eden

Although the ex-Hacienda de San Antonio is hidden away at the bottom of a huge canyon located just northeast of the town of Tequila, you might have a hard time finding a single Tequileño who has ever heard of it.

pg8aThis is because the venerable old building is locked up and situated at the edge of a very productive orchard, which, of course, is somebody’s private property.

I would never have guessed what secrets that old finca was hiding if it weren’t for colorful and eccentric botanist Miguel Cházaro, who, many years ago, gave me a call.

“John, I’m trying to find a waterfall in a valley near Tequila. Do you want to help me look for it?”

Of course, I said yes, simply because this offer was coming from Professor Cházaro, one of the most outstanding botanists in Jalisco. I knew from previous experience that walking through the woods with Cházaro is like speed-watching the Discovery Channel. At every step he points out the most amazing things all around you. But on this particular trip, even Cházaro was dazed by the veritable paradise in which we found ourselves.

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