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Salud Digna: low-cost private health care in Mexico

For years I had heard rumors of a place in Guadalajara called Salud Digna where people of scarce economic means could get an eye examination and a good pair of glasses for a price they could actually afford.

pg8aAs I happened to need a new pair of glasses, I looked up the Salud Digna website and discovered they offered a lot more than eye examinations.  A test to determine my blood type would cost me only 55 pesos and an x-ray of my elbow would run me no more than 180 pesos .

Such services required an appointment, which I could easily set up via WhatsApp, but an eye examination ­—  which is free, by the way – required no appointment of any kind.

A few days later my friend Rodrigo,who also happened to need new glasses, drove me to one of Salud Digna’s four centers in the Guadalajara metro area.

I must confess I imagined this clinic would look a bit like a soup kitchen, with a long line of weary down-and-outers patiently waiting outside.

In reality, there were no lines, either outside or inside, thanks to a very efficient reception system, which quickly had us heading for the optometry area.

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