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The Waterfalls of Huaxtla, deep in the heart of Jaguar Canyon

Local canyoneers have known about them for many years, but—until now—most members of the general public in Guadalajara had never seen or experienced the many beautiful waterfalls hidden in this gorgeous canyon, located only 22 kilometers due north of town.

pg8aLike so many other natural wonders at the edge of the city, such as the monoliths of El Diente, Colli Volcano and the hot pools of the Santiago River Barranca, this canyon is silent and solitary, leaving an explorer with the impression that he is communing with nature in the middle of nowhere, far, far from civilization.

In the past, the problem was access. The falls were there all right, only 300 meters from the well-paved road leading to the pueblito of Huaxtla, Jalisco, but getting down to that river required serious mountain climbing skills, as well as rappelling equipment.

All this changed three years ago when local entrepreneurs began to construct a proper foot path embellished with arrows and signs, making it possible for every Teo, Dora and Hildelgardo to reach the place in one piece—and I include Doras and Hildelgardos only four years old!

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