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Teúl, Zacatecas: magic town, magic mountain

Teúl de González Ortega, located near the south end of the state of Zacatecas, is one of Mexico’s most beautiful and interesting towns: a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) truly deserving of the name, conveniently located right next to an amazing archaeological site.

pg8b“Let’s go visit Teúl,” I suggested to friends in Guadalajara.

I got a lot of blank stares. And then: “Where is it?”

The “Old Gringo” had to tell his Mexican friends about one of their own treasures.

“It’s a two-hour drive from here, straight north along an excellent highway,” I told them.  “It passes through one of the picturesque Barranca de San Cristóbal, and right now (October) the roadside is festooned with vast stretches of wildflowers.”

“Is it safe?” was the next—inevitable—question.

This question of safety is now in vogue any time you mention a place that seems “far away” (and especially in Zacatecas).  Conventional wisdom says that such places are automatically dangerous and populated by “mala gente” (bad people).

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