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Gifted photographer documents the Jalisco theater scene

Danáe Kótsiras, a Mexican of Greek extraction, lives in the peaceful Jalisco provincial town of Etzatlán.

pg8aHer principal activity is raising her 15-month-old daughter, but at that golden hour when the sun is about to set, you may see her walking the shadowy streets, photographing an ancient doorway or vine-covered ruins, with what is probably the only film camera in town.

I would not have guessed that Kótsiras is one of Guadalajara’s most talented photographers, a specialist in recording theatrical productions and concerts for posterity.

However, when a small book on local sculptor Pedro Díaz fell into my hands, I immediately appreciated the high quality of its photos, especially because Don Pedrito loved to sculpt a soft volcanic rock called scoria which I had found extremely difficult to photograph.

I wanted to meet the person who had taken those photos and, eventually, I had the chance.

“How did you become a photographer of the theater?” I asked Danáe.

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