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Laugh at the heat! Five natural places to swim near Guadalajara

The temperatures are soaring, Guadalajara is baking and todo el mundo is going off to crowded beaches and balnearios (water parks), but there are alternatives.

You could, for example, visit one of the following clean, cool or cold rivers, easily reachable from the city or lakeside. Most of the cascadas (falls) listed here may be crowded on a Sunday but normally you can have them all to yourself on a weekday.

Cascadas de Chiquilistlán

These breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls can be found along Jalisco’s Jalpa River. They are also known as Las Cascadas de Aquetzalli or Comala, since the most scenic of these falls are located only 1.3 kilometers from the tiny town of Comala, located 80 kilometers southwest of Guadalajara.

Each of these falls could serve as a spectacular movie set, only for their sheer beauty. But they also offer better attractions than any water park: high jumps, natural water slides, kiddy pools, and—for the really adventurous—12 ideal falls for canyoneering.

To get there, input ”3335+JF2 Comala, Jalisco” in Google Maps. Driving time is about 90 minutes from the center of Guadalajara.

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