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Priest with pastoral care background starts at St. Mark’s

When Michael Schirmacher greets people at St. Mark’s Anglican/Episcopal Church in Guadalajara, he is as likely as not to ask, “How are you?” He confirms that his propensity for this particular greeting, common enough in everyday life but perhaps a bit unusual for a priest, probably stems from his background in pastoral care at hospitals.

pg6“Although sometimes people in those settings get tired of being asked that question,” he adds.

Schirmacher, who has been Episcopalian since the age of 11, came from a position as volunteer priest at Christ Church by the Sea in Puerto Vallarta to a similar position at St. Mark’s (which he will be leading in conjunction with Manuel Sonora) on November 3, All Saints Day weekend. Parishioners had set up a Day of the Dead altar in the parish hall that Sunday commemorating many who had worshipped at St. Mark’s over the years, and notably, Father Ramon Rios, who died in March.


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