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Play ping-pong to put more bounce in the brain

If you’re thinking about what type of sporting activity is especially good for senior citizens, ping-pong probably wouldn’t be the first thing to pop into to your mind.

pg9bIt turns out that scientists are discovering mounting evidence that routine play of the game purists call table tennis is a great way to keep the body in shape and fortify the aging brain.

And here’s the good news for lakeside area retirees keen to get in on the game: a local tennis table club is actively recruiting new members. The group meets at the Chula Vista Country Club every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2:15 to 4:30 p.m.

Occupying a second-story room accessed from the club entrance, players rotate for singles and doubles games on two top quality tables.

The membership role currently stands at 22 players, mostly age 60 and up, who attend on a frequent or sporadic basis depending upon personal schedules and periods of residence. The level of play ranges from beginner to fast-paced intermediate, with accommodation and free coaching for one and all.

A modest monthly fee charged to cover use of the facilities and equipment is set at 200 pesos for regular participants, dropped to 100 pesos for attendance six times or less per month. Some paddles are available for newcomers, although members are encouraged to purchase custom paddles appropriate for individual ability.

Scientific research, including clinical studies carried out in Japan, indicate that playing table tennis pumps up blood flow to the brain, a factor that may prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It stimulates different parts of the brain, heightening cognitive awareness and mental acuity.

Practicing the sport likewise reaps physical benefits such as increasing leg, arm and core strength without putting a lot of stress on the joints. It also improves balance and hand-eye coordination, sharpens reflexes, and burns calories.

Group play rates as an excellent outlet for social interaction, good for building a circle of compatible friends and maintaining psychological balance.

If that sounds like a win-win proposition, drop in at the Chula Vista club house for further details.

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