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Tails of Mexico continues to educate, build trust in Jocotepec communities

The well-known saying “It Takes a Village” is indeed true for the organization Tails of Mexico.

pg13This group of expat and Mexican volunteers worked under their previous name, Operación Compasión, for five years.  Their main focus during that time was to provide spay and neuter clinics for cats and dogs owned by low-income Mexican citizens within the municipality of Jocotopec.  Operacion Amor, a sister organization, provides the same service in Chapala.                                                                                                                                        

In late 2017, Operación Compasión changed its name to Tails of Mexico.  The primary focus was to hold one- and two-day clinics in two towns within the Jocotopec municipality: San Pedro Tesistan and San Cristóbal Zapotitlán. Neither of these places had a vet, and many of the town’s residents had neither the transportation or the funds to take their family pets for attention elsewhere.

Happily, the lives of 172 cats/dogs that lived with their families in these small towns were enhanced by the clinics.  Likewise, cat and dog sterilization clinics were held in San Juan Cosala and Jocotopec, providing 308 surgeries for family pets there.  Sterilization surgeries were also provided on an individual basis when a Mexican citizen requested this service, in between scheduled clinics.  Surgeries were also provided for “street dogs” when they were found to be showing signs of having had puppies recently or starting to come into heat.  In 2017, 56 dogs in these two “categories” were sterilized.                                                                                                             

Setting up a spay and neuter clinic takes a lot of planning, coordination, advance advertising and dedicated volunteers. A major aim is to educate and affect attitude and cultural change, while building trust with residents.

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