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Change Makers: Why do dreams die?

For many Mexican girls, it is a difficult journey to fulfill their dreams. For the seven years I’ve lived in San Juan Cosala, I have met many girls/women through English classes.

I’ve heard them proclaim their dreams – a doctor, a veterinarian, an owner of a clothing store, a happy marriage and two children. Then I’ve listened as they explained why their dreams were no longer possible. I’ve also listened to expats with north-of-the-border beliefs. If only they took birth control … if only they studied harder … if only their family supported them … if only they got a job and saved their money.

It’s taken me a while and lots of listening to understand the difficulties girls face while trying to finish their journey. Yes, birth control is free in Mexico. But the reality is that it often isn’t accepted by the community. Girls who get the shot or pills are “exposed” to others in the community as wanting to have sex without consequences. Who wants this humiliation? So, they don’t use birth control. Hormones are universal and a boyfriend can sway their desire to wait. Babies are loved by everyone and are viewed as a blessing. But there is only family childcare, so staying in school or getting a job is very difficult.

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