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Barra de Navidad & Melaque Journal – February 11, 2017


Carnaval is an annual celebration held in the week preceding Ash Wednesday. There are street parties, flamboyant costumes, decorative masks, considerable imbibing of alcohol and consumption of red meat. You may even encounter mock battles that may include food fights. Traditionally, it’s the “storm before the calm” and the abstentions of the Lenten season. 

A King (Rey Momo) and Queen (Reina) are always elected to preside over the various Carnaval events.  Once again, Chynna Glee of the Backstage Bar will be heading up the Rey Momo presentation for the expats.

“Proud to be part of this week-long event, I try to show my appreciation by linking the foreign community with the local community by organizing an evening of entertainment and fun,” Chynna says. 

There will be a playful contest on Friday, February 24 in the Jardin/main square when this year’s Foreign King will be chosen. The winners must attend the crowning presentation on Monday, February 27 in the Jardin and to accept the key to the town from the mayor. 

Rey Momo and his queen are also required to ride in the parade on Fat Tuesday, February 28, to close the week-long festivities.


If you are interested in volunteering for the event or you would like to campaign for the title of Rey Momo or Reina, contact Chynna through Facebook, or visit the Backstage Bar for information at Calle López de Legazpi 200, Barra de Navidad.

Tastes & Sounds of Barra

The Third Annual Tastes and Sounds of Barra de Navidad (Festival Sabores y Sonidos), presented by Unidos por Barra, promises to be bigger and better than ever. It will take place in the Jardin/town square on Saturday, March 4.

Following on the heels of the Rotary Club’s seven-year Chili Cookoff, Unidos por Barra decided that they wanted to keep that momentum and preserve an established tradition. With the decision to present an integrated community event highlighting native Mexican culture, the Chili Cookoff was retired and Tastes and Sounds of Barra de Navidad was born.

The great flavors and smells of home cooking will fill the Jardin on the first Saturday in March. The fun begins at 10 a.m. with booths, unique cooking demonstrations and, of course, the much anticipated food competition from 2-5 p.m. 

Cooking classes will be offered from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. You will learn the secrets behind delicious dishes such as chilaquiles, chiles rellenos, ceviche and enchiladas. Each one-hour class will cost 50 pesos per person.

Local restaurateurs will be offering samples of their gastronomic delights throughout the day for a mere 10 pesos each. 

Entertainment offered from 4 p.m. features a Música Dance Show, followed by The Blue Bay Extravaganza at 6 p.m. and live band Sangre Latina (salsa, merengue, etcetera) at 9 p.m. All are sure to entice another huge crowd for this year’s event.

Individuals who love to cook are invited and encouraged to join in the competition and tasting to show off their culinary skills. Registration is free.  Awards will be presented in two categories: “Best Chicken” and “Best Seafood.” There will also be a prize for the “Best Decorated Food Booth.” 

To register, see Hugo Morett at Sea Master, Calle López de Legazpi 146; Nelly Marin at Jardin de Chuy Restaurant, Calle López De Legazpi 113; or contact Linda Bello-Ruiz via Facebook.

Unidos Por Barra

Unidos Por Barra, a group of entrepreneurs, fundraises with the sole purpose of beautifying and improving the streets and public amenities of Barra de Navidad. 

Some achievements to date include the facelift and rebuild of Barra’s go-to sunset viewing location – Maleconcito del Mar – along with the clean up on Friday, January 27 of the streets and public properties which included painting and sanding of curbs and benches. Motivated by intense pride in their community, a redesign of the town’s Jardin is Unidos por Barra’s dream project.


The committee is comprised of Seamaster’s Hugo Morett, president; Barra’s Linda Bello-Ruiz, secretary; Fatima Georgina Barrientes Cazares (Gina to most) treasurer; and committee members Magdelena (Nena) Arteaga, Gustavo Lopez, Maria Salud Moreno Lorena Rios, Louise Lambiotte, Eduardo Fernandez, Alicia Gomez, Sandra Barriente and Nelly Marin.

As Unidos Por Barra’s visions come to fruition, improvements will be appreciated by residents, expats and vacationers for many years to come. You can support their efforts by attending events such as the Third Annual Tastes and Sounds of Barra de Navidad or you can volunteer your services at the next town clean up activity. Information will be posted in advance.