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Barra de Navidad & Melaque Journal

Barra de Navidad is ready for a new season. Restaurants are opening each day with their delicious fare, and the streets and local hangouts are filling up – especially at sunset.

What a joy to return and greet old and new friends. This season will again be filled with fun-with-a-purpose events.

The Barra Spider Monkey

pg29bThere is a spider monkey in Barra called Sr. Chacho who has lived in a cage at the Hotel Sands for over 30 years. When his partner-monkey died, he was left alone; his only company being the locals and tourists who stopped by to visit and feed him.

Lisa Anderson met Chacho when she and her husband, Larry, were anchored in their sailboat at the marina nine years ago. Being an animal rescue-type person, Lisa’s heart went out to Chacho being in that cage alone and she remembered him as they went on their way.

A few months ago, Lisa says had a dream about Chacho and did some research. She found out that he still lived at the Sands and reached out to the owners, who had tried over the years to rehouse Chacho without success. They were delighted when the Andersons offered to move him to a sanctuary near Cancun.

A team of volunteers have come together to accomplish this: Lisa and Larry Anderson from Napa, California; Arnulfo Gomez Tello (a vet specializing in wild animals who traveled from Guanajuato to provide care); his assistant Javier Pichardo; Gomez’s son Alonso, who attends school in nearby Melaque; Carol Patrick, a wildlife specialist from the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica; and Alejandra Villegas, who studies marine biology with Alonso in Melaque.

The required paperwork has been filed and Chacho and his helpers now await for permission for the transfer. Meanwhile, the Andersons have established a Go Fund Me page, to offset the costs of the mission.

The biggest cost is the private charter plane to Cancun. (Chacho won’t withstand being placed in the cargo hold on a regular plane, given his age.)

Revolution Day

Mexico marks Dia de la Revolución on Wednesday, November 20 and Barra de Navidad has a parade scheduled at 8 a.m. on Calle Nueva España, ending at the town square (Jardin). That same evening there will be boxing exhibitions (for all ages) in the Jardin from 6 p.m., along with authentic Mexican food for sale prepared by parents of secondary school students.


The 455th anniversary of the Mexican-Philippines friendship begins in Barra on Thursday, November 21, at 6:15 p.m. and continues through Sunday. November 24. To celebrate this historic event there will be food, drink and historic presentations, along with dance troupes, parades, music and mariachi. Dignitaries from the Philippines and Mexico will be present.

Don’t miss this event on the Malecon, at the south end of town. The complete program can be found on Luis Ernesto Davila or Barra de Navidad News and Events on Facebook.

Coming up

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