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La Manzanilla Memo - March 24, 2018

Cisco’s Amigo’s success

Success cannot adequately describe the outstanding accomplishment of the recent clinic held here in La Manzanilla.  

pg31bOver 80 dogs and 42 cats will live longer healthier lives thanks to the army of volunteers who donated time, finances and abundant love during the three-day event.

Of the dogs that were doctored, 30 were male, which a few years ago would was totally unheard of. From these clinics, pet owners have become more informed as to the wellbeing of their furry companions.  Congratulations and a huge thank you to the team of Cisco’s Amigos for their concern and compassion for those animals who cannot speak for themselves.

My turn on the catwalk

Magnolia’s Kitchen & Drinks was host to BasuraSION 2018, which featured the latest designs in recycled, upscale couture.

From hats and assorted accessories to stunning evening gowns, the six young designers/models proudly sashayed the runway, revealing their creations to a sold-out audience.   Alex Mayberry, proprietor and chef at Magnolia’s, broached her idea of this fashion fundraiser to the manager of the Youth Community Garden Project, Miguel Huerta.  Together they, with the help of Lisa Fern and others from the La Manzanilla Hermosa committee, and of course the young adults from the Garden Project, not only made it happen, but made it truly blossom!

Some of young gardeners worked alongside Alex in the kitchen to design the bounty of the garden into a six-course banquet for the patrons to enjoy while they watched the show.  100 percent of the proceeds was given to the Youth Garden Project to aid in the growth of this very important community endeavour.  Kudos to Magnolia’s for a great new idea.  Looking forward to the 2019 show.

Passage way project

The passage way to the beach between Lora Loka’s and Don Raul’s restaurant is in the process of getting a facelift.  Thanks to the financial donation contributed by the Arte de Fiesta Committee, along with other benefactors and volunteers, it has has been cleaned, concrete repaired, and benches freshly painting.  It is still a work in progress as the concrete containers await the planting of new flowers, and mosaic artists, Mazinka Rutherford and Debra Hamilton are busy assembling the colourful panels which will decorate the walls.  The theme of the mural will be, of course, the ocean, featuring a variety of its “citizens.” The first panel will be ready to be hung this Saturday.  More panels will be created during the summer months and into next season.

Water crisis step 1

The first step into dealing with our water shortages has been completed. Once again the town came together and raised the necessary funds to purchase a new, somewhat larger water pump.  While the installation of the new pump helps, there are still residents who are without water for days at a time.  With the coming of the busloads of people to vacation during Semana Santa, the demand on our water system will be considerable.   

There are still other issues on the table that need to be addressed, but here, as with any government, the wheels turn slowly. Will the Ejido continue its efforts once all the tourists leave, or will it be “forgotten” over the long summer months?  Time will tell.

In the right place at right time


On the eve of March 8, we beachcombers were in for an amazing display as Mother Nature put on a rare and beautiful show.   

As the sun dipped under the horizon and darkness fell, our attention to the waves caught sight of several small flashes of a metallic blue skimming along their crests.  With each subsequent wave the flashes increased in size, until the entire wave was engulfed in blue, scattering a thousand bits of sapphire onto the sand.

I have never in my life witnessed anything like it. It was in a word, breathtaking.   There is a logical, scientific, (and boring) explanation to account for this phenomenon, known as bioluminescence.  I will leave that to the scientists, I would rather just think of it as Mother Nature’s magic and say thank you.

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